Our Focus

Who are WE?

Medical Innovation &  Technology is a multidisciplinary team that saves lives. That is why we develop technological e-health solutions that adapt to different conditions and needs, allowing people to access health services in a timely manner.

We offer health centers to improve access and quality of their services. Likewise, within a sustainability approach, we enable socially responsible companies to bring health to the communities where they operate.

We are an ally so that the State, regional governments, clinics and medical centers, companies with social responsibility programs in health, make more efficient use of their resources (personal medical and infrastructure), by providing preventive and timely diagnoses, as well as optimizing medical care through a greater offer and quality of services in the new normal that COVID-19 has generated.

Bring specialist doctors close to patients through innovative telehealth technologies.
A world where everyone has timely access to health.

Why Us?



Through our technological solutions in telemedicine we achieve that public and private organizations: Empower
  • To the professionals of the health centers through training that increases their resolution capacity
  • Services and income through tele-guidance, tele-monitoring and tele-ultrasound in level I health centers.
  • Gaps in specialist doctors are reduced.
  • Reach more people to access quality health control, moving to preventive health
  • Optimize the health service by having access to top-level specialists.

Through our technological solutions in telemedicine we achieve that public and private organizations:

  • Reduce the death rate due to lack of timely diagnoses in different areas of the country.
  • Have a more active-positive role in society by implementing efficient, effective and sustainable health services.
  • Improve relations with the population and combat one of the first social problems: lack of access to health.
  • Be recognized for implementing a disruptive and innovative system in the world of health.
  • Reduce COVID-19 infections through remote medical care, consistent with the new normal.