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Digital Smart Calendar

Simplify your service scheduling process and provide a better experience to your patients to turn them into loyal customers of your healthcare center.

Simplify your appointment process and empower your patients

Appointment Scheduling

Forget about manual scheduling of your doctors: access automatic and intelligent scheduling, completely visual. Effective scheduling of doctor's appointment times, appointment management, multiple schedules that you can tailor to your shifts, specialties, or the classification that best suits your needs.

Online Payments

You can schedule different types of appointments with differentiated durations and prices, with the option to receive online payments directly into your healthcare center's account.

Automatic Reminders

Reduce the number of scheduled appointments with patient no-shows and optimize your doctors' waiting time. Your patients will no longer forget an appointment. This feature allows you to schedule appointment reminders for your patients: at the time of booking, with confirmation, and before their appointment starts.

Private Schedules

Attend to your special or selected patients at a time that best suits their needs. You can create additional schedules for the internal management of your healthcare center, allowing you to offer special appointment schedules to certain patient groups.


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