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Reports and Analytics for Your Healthcare Center

Manage your healthcare center with key real-time indicators, such as the most profitable specialties, the most prescribed medications, average appointment times, and more.

Reports and statistics that allow you to identify and control the most important indicators of your healthcare center

Most Profitable Specialties

Efficiently manage the specialties of your healthcare center. Quickly identify the most and least in-demand specialties, as well as the more or less profitable ones. Customize your searches by age range, gender, time frequency, and more.

Most Prescribed Medications

Take control of the stock and supply of your medications. Identify the most prescribed medications by specialty, age, gender, seasons, and medical conditions.

Appointment Durations

Maximize the optimization of your available appointments. Identify average appointment durations by specialty and by doctor to generate additional slots and appointments.

“Control your healthcare center with key real-time indicators”


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