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This project expanded coverage for the provision of medical imaging services in rural areas of Pasco, Ancash, and Ica. It was implemented in 08 health facilities that increased their resolution capacity, supporting the demand for patients in need of medical imaging. It empowered the population to manage their health and effectively addressed various health issues that lacked a precise diagnosis. Tele-ultrasound supported the diagnosis, enabling the treating physician to make decisions consistent with the obtained results. In summary, precedents were set for each of these health facilities to incorporate good medical practices, assisting patients in adopting preventive attitudes, changing habits, improving health, and reaching other rural communities with similar health needs through campaigns to replicate the service.

Tele-Findings +


  • 06
    cases of gestation with Placental problems
  • 03
    cases of gestation with umbilical cord circular
  • 01
    case of gestation with breech presentation
  • 67
    cases with greater lung involvement
  • 349
    cases with mild lung damage
  • 09
    cases with pleural disorder
  • 46
    cases of multiple Gallbladder stones
  • 35
    cases of single Gallbladder stone
  • 31
    cases of Fatty Liver (mild and moderate)
  • 12
    cases of Gallbladder polyps
  • 08
    cases of hepatic cysts
  • 02
    Liver Hemangiomas


  • Sclerosing Porcelain Gallbladder
  • Renal Polycystosis
  • Hepatomegaly
  • Hepatic cysts
  • Simple renal cyst
  • Solid mass in right hypochondrium
  • Heterogeneous solid mass in liver
  • Nodules in pancreas