About us

Medical Innovation & Technology is a Peruvian company that develop innovative and quality healhcare technology for more than 4 years. Our purpose is to improve patients' access to health services through the development of telemedicine technology.


We are a Peruvian company that develops innovative, personalized and quality medical technology. Our purpose is to improve the health system in Peru through avant-garde trends.


To be leader of the Peruvian market in medical technology innovation, and be recognized as the company that positively changes the health sector in Peru.


We have a highly trained multidisciplinary team capable of creating technological solutions according to your needs.

Our team

Javier Chang

Benjamín Castañeda

Walter Sifuentes

Sofia Chang

José Ferrer
e-HealthCare Leader

Thomas Chaumont
Senior Software Architect

Italo Fernández
Software Developer

Leslie Trujillo
Project Leader

Pilar Stewart
Project Analyst

Diana Tunqui
Project Leader

Liz Palhua
Administration and Finances Coordinator

Lorena Tamayo
Project Social

They were with us

Jordan Montalvo
Front-End Developer
Hector Reluz
Back-End developer
Jofrey Lefort
Software QA Analyst
Maria Fernanda Campos
Product Manager
Sofía Custodio
Project Assistant
Hans Urpay
Technical Support

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